Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie Campaign 2023

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Chantal PrieurKoala Place Child & Youth Advocacy Centre$ 36.00 CAD
Chantal PrieurVictim Services of SDG&A$ 18.00 CAD
Rita Landovskis$ 18.00 CAD
Tammy JettePoirier Furniture$ 90.00 CAD
Mary Lou Leroux$ 18.00 CAD
Taylor Noseworthy$ 18.00 CAD
Jocelyn NicholsonNickel and Ore$ 18.00 CAD
Jeff McAllister$ 36.00 CAD
Katie Moore$ 36.00 CAD
Wendy McDonaldBDO Canada LLP$ 108.00 CAD
Jonathan CampeauCo-operators$ 108.00 CAD
Kimberly Vass-LihouEastern Ontario Training Board$ 36.00 CAD
Chris MunroLife’s Little Pleasures$ 72.00 CAD
Joanne Lauterbach$ 18.00 CAD
Jean JoyalCornwall Physio$ 36.00 CAD
Juliette LabossiereUnited Way SDG$ 36.00 CAD
Cary KronwaldTagwi Secondary School$ 126.00 CAD
Courtney Lauzon$ 72.00 CAD
Kristen MacDonellMacDonell Family Physiotherapy$ 36.00 CAD
Donna MacGillivray$ 54.00 CAD
Mary Levac$ 18.00 CAD
Dean Chatterton$ 36.00 CAD
Matt PaquetteMedical Arts Pharmacy$ 306.00 CAD
Wendy McDonaldBDO Canada LLP$ 36.00 CAD
Keely BecksteadCornwall SDG Paramedic Services$ 36.00 CAD

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