Program Areas

Home Skills

This program area is designed to impart practical life skills, such as household maintenance, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry. Through hands-on learning, participants not only acquire essential life skills but also gain a sense of independence and confidence, fostering a foundation for thriving in their daily lives within our inclusive environment.

Life Skills

Our Life Skills program area is instrumental in imparting real-world knowledge and resilience, preparing participants for life beyond our facility. Engaging in critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability within a collaborative environment, participants emerge with enhanced personal hygiene, money management, public transit navigation, computer skills (including internet safety), and job preparation. These acquired skills lay the groundwork for increased self-sufficiency and confidence.

Creative Arts

Beyond 21’s Creative Arts program area provides a space for self-expression and skill development for adults with developmental disabilities. Through exploration of visual arts, dramatic arts, dance, drum circles, and photography in structured sessions, participants not only develop creative abilities but also experience an increase in self-esteem, improved communication, and enhanced social skills, contributing to their overall personal growth.

Recreation and Leisure

The benefits of our Recreation and Leisure program area extend beyond physical engagement, fostering common interests, and vital peer connections. Participants experience improvements in gross motor skills, coordination, and a heightened sense of well-being as they participate in a variety of sports, yoga, personal fitness, cooperative games, outdoor adventures, and gardening.

Community Engagement

This program area goes beyond surface-level engagement, fostering self-confidence, self-esteem, and meaningful relationships. Through activities like the Adopt-A-Street Program in Cornwall, field trips to bowling and swimming, and volunteering opportunities, participants actively contribute to their community, develop social connections, and experience a sense of purpose and belonging.

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