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Beyond 21 offers a day program for adults with developmental disabilities in the Cornwall and surrounding area.

Why Beyond 21

Beyond 21’s day program serves adults with developmental disabilities in Cornwall and the surrounding area, operating Monday through Friday. Candidates with various developmental disabilities are welcome, provided they have a personal interest in joining and no recent history of aggression. The program operates in a wheelchair-friendly environment, ensuring accessibility for all participants.

Our Day Program comprises several main focus areas, including: Home Skills, Life Skills, Creative Arts, Recreation and Leisure, and Community Engagement. This model allows participants to gain practical life skills such as household maintenance, meal planning, and cooking, fostering independence and confidence. Additionally, participants are equipped with essential knowledge for real-world scenarios, including personal hygiene, money management, and job preparation.

We also create opportunities for self-expression and skill development through visual arts, dramatic arts, and dance, enhancing communication and social skills. Our participants love to go outdoors, whether through sports, yoga—or broader community engagement such as bowling or swimming—we have a lot of fun!

Beyond 21 ensures that adults with developmental disabilities receive comprehensive support to thrive personally, socially, and vocationally in a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Who We Serve

Beyond 21 offers a unique program for adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities. Our registration criteria is based on many factors, including:

  • Must have a developmental disability of any sort (current clientele include, but are not limited to, autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, angelman’s syndrome, mosaic trisomy 9, fragile X syndrome, and more)
  • Candidates must personally be interested in being part of the program
  • No recent history of aggression and must be currently stable if there is a history of psychiatric diagnosis

We operate our program out of a wheelchair-friendly building and prioritize inclusivity in all program areas and activities.

Beyond 21

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