Jail and Bail Fundraiser

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*Revenue last updated on May 15 at 8:50 PM.

Beyond 21’s infamous Jail & Bail Fundraiser will see community members and well-known figures spending time “behind bars” (
for entirely fictitious crimes!) – except this time, they’re stuck at work! Their only hope of freedom lies in raising a combined $21,000 for Beyond 21.

100% of all funds raised will help Beyond 21 alleviate our waitlist of 80+ adults with developmental disabilities and help us kickstart a new evening and weekend program. All gifts of $25 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

2024 Jailbird Roster

Todd Bennett
Always helping the Farm Boy team/ promoting Cornwall!

Linda Bissonette
Trying to convert staff to veganism!

Will Bray
Saying 'Thank You' too many times!

Gingie Breadman
Not paying his bus fee!

Ann-Marie Bourgon
Spreading excessive positivity!

Caitlen Coates
Always looking out for her clients' best interest!

Greg Critch
Being the world's biggest Flyers fan!

Kris Frajkor
Being bald and beautiful!

Darren Gauthier
Loving the Old Work Vehicle (Crown Victoria) Too Much

Vince Jasiewicz
Keeping the customers too happy

Brian Johnston
Working too much!

Will Lang
Selling the cars at low prices!

Adam Lefebvre
Cheering for the Bruins/ taking too many breaks!

Barb Leggett
Disturbing the peace!

Chris MacDonald
Being a perpetual prankster!

Donna MacGillivary
Jumping ship!

Joanne Montford
Having the gift of gab!

Stephen Noseworthy
Telling the worst dad jokes! Ever!

Justin Towndale
Not being prepared for speeches!

Tina Vanloon
Flirting with customers!

Jail and Bail 2024 Donor Wall

Omari Campbell
Heather Goodfellow
Lorraine Clarke
Keith Smith
Mathieu Fleury
Miguel Luis
Jeremy Poissant
Jamie Pecore
Paul Scherbak
Kyle Maloney
elizabeth Bergeron
Laurie Dawe
Richard Sauve
Diane Plourde
Joanne White
Bernadette Lalonde
Melissa Brestovansky
Bob Leggett
Ryan Hiciman
Peggy Blanco-Herrera
Rose Lapierre
Marsha Sylvia
Bennett Bryce Wensink
Erin Howes
Alexis MacLachlan
James Martineau
André Fournier
Melissa McBean
André Fournier
Jody Meunier
Anthony Biggs
Patrick Campeau
Andrew Pate
Martin Vincent
Chantal Tranchemonyagne
Angela Boudrias
Marie-Noelle Durocher
Michelle Burns
Geralyn Bayross
Peter Bray
Diane Soucie
Will Lang
Seaway Gm
Luc Marion
France Laverdure
Derek Korac
Quest Tom Irvine
Brennan Burke
Lisa Johnson
Jaime MacRae
Tanya Dawson Tanya
Val Bowen
Leslie Casselman
Deborah Zabloski
James Mullen
Heather Emond
Kathleen Rendek
Cameron Bennett
Bonnie Ruest
Sandra Jarvo
Patrick McKee
Catherine Hand
Rachel Poirier
Karl Paschek
judi Macdonald
Sandra Wrinn
Lance Markell Lance
Kelly Tessier
Moira Ross
Kyle Zulinski
Stuart Gordon
Stephen Kyte
Andrew Kinstler
Jewel Choquette
Jenn Berry
Dana McLean
Barb Hess Riviere
Mike Warner
Dragonfly Clay Creations Bernadette Lapierre
Brian and Allison Main
Prestige Catering
Camille Leclerc
Prestige Catering
Kelsey Herrington
Lynn Tourangeau
Dave Price
Rachel Burns
Chantal Helps
Hannah Lunan
Martha Woods
Roger Paquette
Asha McKay
Warner Insurance
Dave's Reliable Signs Sarah MacRae
Marc Philippe
Lorraine Smith
Paola Scanga-Lebrun
Leesa McNally
Dominic Bonucchi bilow

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