Beyond 21 Foundation Receives Generous Grant from Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation

Empowering Youth with Developmental Disabilities to Lead Active Lives and Foster Inclusivity in Sports

Beyond 21 Foundation is excited to announce a substantial grant from the Canadian Tire Foundation, totaling over $7,000. This grant will bolster Beyond 21’s ongoing mission to empower young adults with developmental disabilities and promote physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, and inclusivity in sports and recreation.

The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation has a steadfast commitment to ensuring all children and youth have the opportunity to engage in sports and recreational activities. Their generous grant will enable Beyond 21 Foundation to provide tailored programs and resources for their young participants, opening doors to a healthier, more active, and inclusive lifestyle.

“This grant underscores the mutual dedication of Beyond 21 and the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable youth,” noted Beyond 21 Executive Director, Donna MacGillivray. “We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be included in sports and recreation, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. This grant will help us create that opportunity.”

The grant will be utilized in a variety of ways to maximize its impact. Beyond 21 will develop and expand inclusive sports and recreational programs tailored to the abilities and interests of their young adults, promoting physical activity, social interaction, and recreation.

Beyond 21 Foundation is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where young adults with developmental disabilities can thrive and lead active lives, embracing a healthy lifestyle and engaging in recreational activities. The Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation’s support will further strengthen this commitment and help bridge the gap between youth with disabilities and the world of sports, recreation, and physical activity.

Beyond 21 extends their heartfelt gratitude to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation for their generous grant. With this funding, Beyond 21 is well-equipped to empower young adults with developmental disabilities, enabling them to lead active lives, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and experience the joy of inclusivity in sports and recreation.

For more information, please visit Like Jumpstart, we understand the importance of sport and recreation for the health and well-being of kids and are proud of the work we do to provide sport and recreation for the community.

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