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Our Programs

In the fall of 2019, Accessible Media Inc produced a documentary about Beyond 21.  To watch, and to learn more about Beyond 21 please watch:  Adulting: Life After High School

Programs are offered Monday-Friday on the following schedules:

Full Days: 9:00AM – 3:00PM
Half Days: 9:00AM – 12:30PM or 11:30AM – 3:00PM

Please email or call 613-935-3121 with any questions about our programs. 

Life Connections Program

Life Connections is about learning through experiential life opportunities that result in our participants having the opportunity to:

  • Develop natural community connections that support their goals and interests
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits
  • Build positive peer relationships
  • Learn skills for home and community living
  • Gain skills through experiential life learning

Learning takes place at ‘the Hub’ or out in community. Our focus is to learn in and through hands on day to day life opportunities rather than through a classroom type of setting.

The Life Connections program encompasses all program areas and includes:

Recreation & Leisure

This includes opportunities for participants to engage in a variety of recreational experiences, both at ‘the Hub’ and in the community. This is also a time to identify common interests and build peer relationships.

Home Skills

Household skills includes activities that are part of day to day household life. This includes; Daily lunch preparation as well as menu planning, grocery list preparation, and purchasing groceries. Additional kitchen and home skills are also included in the Home Skills program area.

Life Connect

This includes activities that focus on skills needed to succeed in community including social skills, money management, knowledge and utilization of community resources, community safety, personal safety, etc.

Community Connections

Our Community Connector works with individuals or small groups to help them find meaningful volunteer experience in the community.

Social Network Program

The Social Network Program is aimed at meeting the needs of those with complex developmental needs.  We accept those who face barriers to traditional programs including those who are non verbal and confined to a wheelchair.

The program focuses on opportunity for socialization by building peer connections and community connections.

The program runs three half days per week and includes a variety of activities including music, dance (or adapted dance), games, recreation, and other activities. To help build community connection our Social Network Program runs out of different locations in our community.

Our Social Network Facilitator meets with each family to determine the participants’ interests and to learn what is important to and for each individual as they come into our program and move into community. The program itself is built on these individual interests.