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At Beyond 21 we offer a warm and welcoming environment that celebrates the differences in the individuals that work and play in our learning community.

Our participants are individuals who:                          12764679_1085965164802353_1969734245104582075_o

  • Have a developmental disability
  • Are no longer able to attend school due to their age (21+ years old)
  • Want to participate in a community-based program (full day or part day)
  • Wish to participate in a program that will account for their personal needs and interests

Program Hours:

 9 AM – 3 PM


  1. Complete the Participant Application Form
  2. Submit the form by mail to Beyond 21, PO BOX 1901 Stn Main, Cornwall, ON, K6H 6N6 or scan and email to
  3. You will receive a phone call to attend an intake meeting.
  4. Participation in Beyond 21 starts after the intake meeting.

IMPORTANT:  We are not able to accommodate drop-in visits/tours.

The intake assessment meeting is an opportunity for the individual who will be attending Beyond 21 to visit our program, meet our staff, and discover if our program is what they are looking for. It is also an opportunity for their family to ask any questions they have. At this meeting, we will review your needs and look at what is important for and to you as you are moving forward with your life in the community.  If we both agree that Beyond 21 is able to offer what you need and are looking for then we create a plan for you to start our program.

if you think Beyond 21 is what you are looking for contact us for more information: or
call 613.935.3121 or 343.370.5521
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Receptive Speech 

Understands Complex Instructions:
Understands Simple Instructions
Understands Sign Language

Expressive Language
Uses Sentences to Communicate
Has some vocabulary
Uses Sign Language
Uses Communication Device
Additional Information - Communication

Needs Assistance on Stairs
Walks with Assistance
Uses Wheelchair Indepentantly
Uses Wheelchair with Assistance
Uses walker
Additional Information - Mobility

Completely Dependent
Needs Assistance with Menses
Rarely Requires Assistance
Completely Independent
Additional Information -Toileting

Additional Information - Behaviour

Likes, Strengths & Dislikes
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Life Skills 

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Physical Activity

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Recreation & Leisure

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Community Participation

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- Strengths
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Our participants volunteering at the Benson Centre