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Jail ‘N Bail 2021 has been Postponed

Due to the health concerns associated with the third wave of COVID-19 and the recent province-wide lockdown we feel that it is best to postpone the Jail n’ Bail event until a later date and time; yet to be determined. 

Don’t worry folks! We still plan on having the event and we’ll still make sure that justice is served for those who’ve already sent in a warrant application. However, things won’t be happening on April 12th. Instead, we’ll wait until after the lockdown and re-assess the situation then to make sure that we can have the best event possible! How does it work?

Upon your nomination, we will ‘arrest’ the ‘convicts’ from home or work complete with handcuffs. Due to COVID-19 restrictions they will be put under house arrest until they can make their bail. Once sentenced, the ‘convict’ has 24 hours to come up with bail by fundraising for Beyond 21! The minimum bail is set at $150 per ‘convict’.

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry! No one has ever failed and the Beyond 21 team is here to help ‘convicts’ successfully make their bail!

Click below to fill out a Warrant Application to put your friend under Beyond 21 house arrest. 


For more information contact us at or 613-935-3121.