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Registration for the 2020 Cornwall Food Fest Dry Goods Vendors is OPEN!  To register please complete and submit the below information.  Your registration will be confirmed with an email that contains payment information.

Please note that all vendors selling home prepared food items will be required to register with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit.  If you have questions about meeting EOHU guidelines please contact for additional information and/or a name and contact at EOHU that you may speak with.

For full information and policies please click here

Business name*
Details of items being sold*
Are any of the items food item (edible)
If you answered no to the above question please go to the next question. If you answered yes, are the items being sold for immediate comsumption (at the Food Fest) or for consumption at home?
If you answered "At the Food Fest" to the above question please register as a Food Vendor and NOT as a dry goods vendor. Thank you.
Please upload your logo for use on our website / social media for promotional purposes.
Please share the URL of your business website for use on our website for promotional purposes.
I understand that there is a $50 registration fee. This fee may be paid by e transfer to or by check made out to Beyond 21, 1924 Pitt Street, Cornwall, K6J 5H3. Payment must NOT BE MADE until you have received confirmation as a vendor.
If you have a preferred location on the street please let us know. Note we cannot guarantee that all requests will be accomodated but will do our best.
I have read and accept the Policies and Procedures of the Cornwall Food Fest as stated on the web page including the registration fee (pre event) and required donation (end of day)*
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