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Beyond 21 Catch the Ace

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Not sure what Catch the Ace is all about? Watch to learn more!

  • Winner every week until the Jackpot is won
  • Draws at 11AM each Wednesday. Winner posted on
  • Ticket sales close at midnight Tuesday each week and go on sale for the next week at noon on Wednesday
  • Jackpot is won when the Ace of Spades is found
  • 20% of ticket sales drawn each week for the weekly winner
  • 30% of ticket sales are kept in progressive Jackpot that grows weekly until it is won. When a weekly winner also draws the Ace of Spades that person wins BOTH the weekly draw of 20% and the accumulated funds in the progressive Jackpot
  • Weekly draw amount and jackpot amount, as well as weekly winners, are listed on website
  • Net proceeds from the Catch the Ace progressive raffle will be used to further the work of Beyond 21. This will include funding community based activities, supplies, food for meals, and the provision of a safe learning centre for adults with developmental disabilities – ‘a Place to Belong.’
  • Lottery license #12013
  • Must be 18 years of age or older at time of purchase.
  • Must be in Ontario to purchase
  • Please Play responsibly. For gambling support please contact ConnexOntario at 1 866 531 2600

Winners Round 2 (First Draw Oct 7):

Winners Round 1 (Final Draw August 19th, 2020):

Week ONE: Ticket Number 99000031154 Prize: $308.00, Card: Queen of Spades

Week TWO: Ticket Number 99000168004 Prize: $224.00, Card: Jack of Clubs

Week THREE: Ticket Number 99000190004 Prize: $192.00, Card: 6 of Diamonds

Week FOUR: Ticket Number 99000257003 Prize: $178.00, Card: 7 of Hearts

Week FIVE: Ticket Number 99000316008, Prize $158.00, Card: 2 of Hearts

Week SIX: Ticket Number 99000373002, Prize $136.00, Card: J of Spades

Week SEVEN: Ticket number 99000387001, Prize $1964.00, Card: ACE OF SPADES

Winner: Suzanne M. Game is over for this round. Stay tuned for our next game!